KHP KIMROOF looks as elegant as terracotta roof tiles, but most people do not realise it is made out of steel!

While resembling the aesthetic appearance of terracotta roof tiles, KHP KIMROOF is significantly lighter at one-tenth the weight of clay and concrete roof tile. The lighter roof weight transforms into savings on roof structures as compared to conventional clay and concrete roof tiles.

KHP KIMROOF can be used for all types of projects from bungalows, residential projects and school, to hospital, institutions and commercial buildings.

The installer-friendly KHP KIMROOF makes it one of the more popular choices among contractors, installing KHP KIMROOF is proven to be faster and less time consuming than conventional clay and concrete tiles.

The panel structure of KHP KIMROOF also equotes to reduced ingress points of rainwater, resulting in a strong watertight tile roof. In addition, KHP KIMROOF panels lower the risks of roof entry burglaries as a result of the reduced possible entry points and the high strength of steel.

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