KHP MASTRUSS roof truss system is a roof truss construction method using thin gauge Hi-Tensile Galvanized Steel Sheet cut and formed into various profile, parts and assemble to form the roof structure and supporting battens.

Since the trusses are framed with thin gauge galvanized steel section, it provides a lightweight alternative or substitute to conventional mild steel or timber roof framing and is competitively priced as the system's structural integrity leads to lower lifetime cost. In fact, the trusses can be manhandled and installed with minimum manpower. In certain cases can be pre-cut to exact lengths and therefore eliminate the need to carry out extra cutting of members on site. This will allow smooth assembly on site and shortens the construction period.

The flexibility of KHP MASTRUSS SYSTEM is designed to suit almost any roof design and, the system is able to receive cement, clay roof tiles or metal deck roofing sheets.

KHP MASTRUSS SYSTEM is increasingly popular with builders because of the roof truss system offers a durable, strong and stable system that is convenient and cost effective, as well as quick and easy to deliver and assemble on site.

Material Specification
Material: Hi-Tensile Galvanized Steel or Aluminium Zinc Alloy Coated Steel
Yiled Strength: G550MPa.

Product Tolerances
Length: ±5mm

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